Live Events & Promotions

We are providing event organising with a shining constellation of stars
from the world of professional sport and film.

Event management

Event management

We can handle event management from hotel suite to stadium with an unparalleled level of professionalism. From ticketing through to stage management, we will ensure that your event, regardless of scale, is one to remember.


Dresden 29. 04., Berlin 28. 04., Hamburg 27. 04., Bremen 26. 04., Düsseldorf 25. 04., Frankfurt am Main 22. 04., Stuttgart 21. 04., München 19. 04.


Zurich 20.4.


Wien 18.04.


København 30.10., Herning 31.10.


Dublin 2.11.

Czech republic

Prague 1.11.

About us

Add star value to your event with a celebrity appearance or endorsement. From product launches, through brand promotions to corporate days and shows, we are able to arrange appearances for a whole galaxy of stars.

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